Statement on the Voluntary Suspension of New Brunswick’s Organ Donation Program

New Brunswick’s doctors have learned that New Brunswick’s Organ Donation Program was suspended for two weeks on July 11. We understand that following a regular Health Canada inspection, several deficiencies were found. While we are disappointed in this development, our first concern is the safety of our patients.

Implementing adequate quality assurance procedures is very important. We need to understand why our procedures failed and look forward to reading the report from Health Canada that outlines their concerns. Initial reports suggest the problems centre around improper documentation of donors. This documentation is very important, but poor record-keeping should not be a problem facing patients waiting on transplant lists. New Brunswick can do better.

Right now in Atlantic Canada, 260 patients are waiting impatiently for transplants. They can’t afford any delay. We want to encourage every New Brunswicker to have a conversation with their family and be clear on their wishes for organ donation.