Statement on the release of physician billings

The members of the New Brunswick Medical Society are supportive of the release of billing information by government for all physicians in the province. Doctors believe it is important for New Brunswickers to be informed about how health care dollars are spent, and support the government’s goals of transparency and accountability. 

Those reading the report are reminded that the billing information contains total payments made by Medicare or the Province of New Brunswick to the doctor. A doctor’s actual income or take home pay cannot be calculated from these payments, as physicians incur numerous expenses such as staff salaries, office rent, purchase of medical and office equipment, business taxes, etc.

Although New Brunswick’s provincial healthcare budget has grown substantially, physician payments remain steady as a proportion of that spending. In 1993, physician services payments were 16.3% of the health budget; that number increased to 17.9% in 2003, and back down to 16.9% in 2014.

Further information on physician remuneration can be found here.

Dr. Lynn Murphy-Kaulbeck, MD, MSC, FRCSC 
President, New Brunswick Medical Society