Physician groups release ‘Voices on Seniors Care’ compilation

FREDERICTON – Against the backdrop of a federal election and frustration from health providers, politicians, and families about seniors care options, the New Brunswick Medical Society and the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) have partnered to release Voices on Seniors Care. This document compiles solutions from leading New Brunswick health experts and patient and provider organizations on how to better care for seniors.

The compilation includes submissions from groups such as the Province, the New Brunswick Pharmacists’ Association, the New Brunswick Nurses Union, and Vitalité and Horizon Health Networks.  Each submission lays out strategies for seniors care improvement in around 750 words. In all, 15 organizations have submitted their thoughts on how to deal with the ‘silver tsunami’ – our aging population.

“Seniors care is a complex issue that requires the collaboration of many different groups for improvements to be made,” said Dr. Camille Haddad, President of the New Brunswick Medical Society. “One approach won’t work for all seniors, and one group can’t fix every problem alone.”

The compilation of the answers is released just before a major two-day event on seniors care, set to take place on the evening of Sept. 21 and during the day of Sept. 22.

The Sept. 21 portion of the event, titled “A Patient Dialogue on Seniors Care in New Brunswick,” is open to the public and will take place at the Fredericton Convention Centre. Attendees can visit the Patient and Providers Exhibition, in addition to an expert panel and question and answer session.

“The sad reality is that seniors and their families are struggling to access high-quality care right across the country,” said Dr. Chris Simpson, the CMA past-president, who is also participating in the event. “The ideas generated here can hopefully show the way forward nationwide.”

The next day’s closed-door roundtable event brings together experts in the field for discussion on the challenges facing seniors care, along with proposed solutions.

“This is an opportunity to lead the country in finding ways to better care for our growing population of seniors,” said Dr. Haddad. “New Brunswick is already tied for the highest proportion of seniors in Canada, and tending to their needs can’t be done in isolation.”

Voices on Seniors Care is available in both English and French. It will be distributed to those who attend the event on either Monday or Tuesday. Those interested in attending Monday evening are invited to RSVP on the Medical Society’s website, or by calling 458-8860.

CONTACT: Aleisha Bosch, New Brunswick Medical Society, (506)458-8860 ext. 633