Tools and Resources

Financial Implications

CFNU “Nurse contract in Canada”  2020_nurse_contracts_EN.pdf (

The NB Employment Standards Act  GeneralInformation.pdf (

NB rules of payment and payroll records:  RulesOfPayment.pdf (

FMNB Overhead Support program form: FMNB-Manual-Invoice-ENG-FILLABLE.pdf

Canadian Medical Protection Association (CMPA) website  CMPA – Home (

CMA Practice Management tools available at Practice Management Curriculum | CMA Joule (

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario (RNAO) toolkit is available to support expanding the role of the nurse.

Nursing Tools & Resources – Canadian Nurses Association ( 

Nursing Role and Scope of Practice

The Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice Toolkit

What is my Scope of Practice

Nursing Collaboration Guidelines: LPNs and RNs Working Together 

Nursing Scope of Practice: Practice Guideline. (Nova Scotia College of Nursing) Scope_of_Practice2020.pdf ( 

CRNA Scope of Practice for Registered Nursesscope-of-practice-for-registered-nurses-mar-2021.pdf 

ANBLPN Scope of Practice: Professional Practice Series 2020_Scope-of-Practice-.pdf ( 

Entry Level Competencies 

LPNs: Entry-Level-Competencies-2019.pdf ( 


Canadian Family Practice Nurses Association / Association Canadienne des infirmières et infirmiers en médecine familiale website: HOME | cfpna 

Poster: This clinic has a registered nurse (CFPNA) 

RNAO Primary Solutions for Primary Care: Maximizing and Expanding the Role of the Primary Care Nurse in Ontario:  28eddb_6acdc24b40f649d6a3d4523c72f49dc1.pdf ( 

Recruitment and Hiring

FMNB Panel Analysis report – for your copy, contact FMNB Practice Support at

Practice assessment Tool – Your practice Profile  practice-assessment-tool-en.pdf ( 

Sample: Role description (Nova Scotia) 

Template (FMNB): Position profile – Competency based 

Competency Dictionary (Medical Clinic)

RN role description matrix (Ontario 2012) Domains of practice (

RPN(LPN) role description matrix (Ontario, 2012) Domains of practice (

Sample RN Job posting nurse  (Family health team) accessed: Careers | AFHTO

Template (FMNB): Position Description

CMA Joule: Sample Interview Questions for Job-Sharing Nursing Position  Sample-Interview-Questions-Hiring-Staff-2021 ( 

Template (FMNB): Interview Questions

Sample (FMNB): Offer Letter

Performance management program for employees –

Practice Management – EmployeeManagement.pdf 

Template (FMNB): Employee performance review and development plan

Planning for Change

Collaborative care:

CIHC-National-Interprofessional-Competency-Framework.pdf (

CMA Achieving Patient-Centred Collaborative Care:

College of Family Physicians of Canada: Team-based-Care-in-PMH.pdf (

Nine tips for successfully integrating nurses into primary care teams | GPSC (

Supporting Nursing role:

What is my Scope of Practice? The Role of the Nurse and Scope of Practice Toolkit – NANB

CNA primary care toolkit available: Nursing Tools & Resources – Canadian Nurses Association ( 

RNAO primary Care Nurse Toolkit. available:

Supporting Role 7 (nurse) billing:

Medicare “FMNB FAQ’s 2022”

New Brunswick Physicians’ Manual CHAPTER 1: (

FMNB compensation guide



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