For Patients

Family Medicine New Brunswick (FMNB) is a patient-centred model of primary care built on a foundation of teamwork and technology. FMNB was built to improve and enhance access to primary care for New Brunswickers while improving the work-life balance of physicians through collaborative practice.


What will be different for patients?

FMNB is a voluntary program for physicians. If your family physician is not part of FMNB, your relationship with them will not change.

If your physician operates under the FMNB model of care, you can expect improved access to your family physician or one of their colleagues including evening and weekend access; enhanced appointment booking options; more time with a family physician.

Under the FMNB model, your family physician works as part of a team. If they are not able to see you quickly because of other commitments, you can wait to see them or you may have the option of seeing another member of their team. All the team has access to your electronic medical record, which contains all relevant information about your current medications and allergies. The physician who sees you will be able to chart your visit in your own medical record.

Your physician’s group will participate in extended hours. You will be able to see a member of the group in designated time slots that will be set up by your physician, outside of regular business hours. Patients are encouraged to call their family physician first before visiting a walk in clinic.

You will be asked to formally enrol with your physician for your medical care. This means you will have a “medical home,” and you are expected to visit your family physician for routine medical visits.

Your physician may involve other health professionals in your care, depending on your needs. This usually involves nursing professionals, who are experts in chronic disease management, patient education, and many other elements of health care.

Instead of physically visiting your doctor every time you need their help, you may be able to call or email them.

Learn more by reading our patient brochure.

How do I know if my family doctor is participating?

If your physician is participating in the FMNB program, you will receive a variety of information from their office.

You can view a list participating FMNB physicians by clicking here.

Why do I have to enroll with my doctor?

Your physician may want to be part of FMNB for several reasons. They want to provide care to you faster and through different methods including over the phone or via email to complement your in-person visits.

Some patients are worried about signing a form which commits them to a specific physician.

However, your physician cannot offer their suite of services – like access to other members of their team for after-hours care – to patients who have not enrolled with them.

Talk to your physician about the benefits to you and what signing this form means for your relationship.

How do I get a family doctor?

If you are seeking a family physician, you should contact Patient Connect NB online or by phoning Tele-Care 811 to be placed on a waiting list. Wait times for a family physician can vary greatly, but Patient Connect NB is the first point of contact. It is a partnership between the Department of Health, Service New Brunswick, the regional health authorities, and primary health care providers to connect patients with the primary care they need.