From The Desk Of The President

A possible political shakeup and second wave of COVID-19 have the potential to greatly impact the future of health care in New Brunswick. As of this writing, it’s unclear whether a more formal collaboration of political parties will lead the way in New Brunswick or whether we are heading to a provincial election in the near future. What is clear and what cannot be lost in these uncertain times is the need for dramatic health system improvements in our province. [Read More...]
With a vote on vaccines in New Brunswick’s rear-view mirror, we must now move past the politics of health care and get to the heart of the matter: our province needs an enhanced immunization program supported by improved public education and data management initiatives. [Read More...]
Despite many factors working against us, New Brunswick has proven to be a leader in how we are responding to COVID-19. [Read More...]
It has been more than two months since New Brunswick shut down. From restaurants to parks, shopping malls to surgical suites, much of the province was quickly silenced. It was shocking and unsettling, but with the benefit of hindsight we can see that the restrictions put in place helped New Brunswick avoid the worst of COVID-19. [Read More...]
As we enter the next decade, it has never been more clear that New Brunswick needs a vision for health care. Our province has budgeted $2.8 billion for health care in 2019-2020, roughly one-third of the province’s annual budget. Despite this, our health system struggles to provide timely access to primary and specialty care. [Read More...]
When it comes to managing cold and flu symptoms, the New Brunswick Medical Society (NBMS) and Choosing Wisely New Brunswick (CWNB) want to remind New Brunswickers that antibiotics simply do not work against common cold and flu viruses. [Read More...]
The NBMS is concerned that the provincial government intends to privatize the sale of cannabis in New Brunswick and would like to participate in any discussions between government and a potential future private retailer [Read More...]
In nearly two decades of practising medicine in New Brunswick, I have watched the health-care challenges in our province worsen. [Read More...]